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The Countries of Whine and Roses

The Countries of Whine and Roses Children's Book Book Cover

The King of Roses rules his joy-filled and happy kingdom with his obedient son, the Prince of Roses. The king loves his people and he would do anything for them. He also loves the people in the neighboring country of Whine. But some of the people in Whine don’t want to hear about the kind king and his son and would rather complain and follow silly rules. The king refuses to give up on them and has come up with a plan . . . a plan that brings him and the prince great sadness. The people of both Whine and Roses learn just how much their king and prince are willing to give up for them. With the help of the invisible HS, they see that they are even prepared to take the ultimate risk. Readers, too, will see that our King loves us more than we can ever imagine and that he’s given us HS(Holy Spirit) as a reminder of that love. An enchanting allegory filled with adventure and emotion, it is a fun and engaging resource for introducing children to God’s great love and mercy and helps children become familiar with and understand the Holy Trinity. This early recognition of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, can help provide the basis for a lifelong joy that comes from knowing and loving our King.