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Goodbye, Belvidere: His Eye Is on the Sparrow



Young Isaac Swanson is not only angry and frustrated, he is also leaving his family without saying goodbye. CJ Crezner hopes his young friend will remember Joanna’s strange admonition to not shave his newly sprouted goatee and mustache. CJ also hopes Isaac will heed his own advice concerning good men’s actions.

The Crezner family saga during the homesteading years in South Dakota continues, and CJ once again finds his infamous temper a cause of controversy. Isaac’s parting words implore CJ to be careful and not do anything stupid. Will either one of them take the other’s advice?

About the book

I want to think readers who waited patiently for the second book in the Goodbye, Belvidere series were not disappointed. Several have told me this is the best book I’ve written, and that’s always music to my ears, plus an extra goad to make sure the next book is not a failure. There was always a fixed ending in my mind for this story, and it was alluded to from the first chapter. Because this entire series stretches from 1898 until the mid 1930’s, a fair bit of history is included. And, because it is local history as well as bits and pieces of world history, I check my facts several times and still utter a silent prayer that I have it right. I leave this second book as our young Isaac, now a grown young man, leaves his home to be a soldier. World War I is just around the corner.

Joyce Wheeler


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