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Laughter In The Wind



As redheaded British nanny Abbie Miller views the Dakota sunsets from the Jackson ranch, she is positive God’s creation is at His finest. She also is very sure the three little Jackson children have captivated her heart. Abbie’s confusion begins when she attempts to discover the reason why Mrs. Jackson abruptly leaves her home and children. Soon life becomes even more of a puzzle when unexpected visitors blow onto the ranch on a cold winters day. Even her boss, Wade Jackson, is surprised at the resulting consequences! Exciting adventure is Abbie’s description of her new walk with God. However, as the mystery of Mrs. Jacksons secret dilemma permeates the ranch, will adventure turn into fear? Will unanswered questions destroy Abbie’s newfound happiness?

About the book

This is my longest book, and it carries a story line into several people’s lives. I researched an animal disease called Foot and Mouth Disease, which actually swept into England in 2001, and that’s our first glimpse of Abbie Miller, the young redhaired lady who lost her entire cattle herd to its deadly grip. I was interviewed by Diana Kay on Author’s Beat, and we discussed several issues I mentioned in this book besides FMD, and one that interested her was fetal alcohol syndrome. But lest you think this is only a serious read, let me assure you that with a Redhead and a Redneck, there are many lighthearted moments in Laughter in the Wind!

Joyce Wheeler


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