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My Lady



“I usually remember to stop here and count my blessings,” Chauncey said. Jolene slowly looked around her and sighed. “It refreshes my soul to see sights like these.” Chauncey heard a longing in her voice and recognized it as a counterpart to his own feelings. Without turning to look at her he asked, “And you, Miss O’Neil, with prairie and wind and cattle in your blood, married a hair dresser from Denver?”

From the comfort zone of the family ranch to the do’s and don’ts of the modeling world, Jolene’s Master Weaver keeps us all guessing on what is going to happen next. A fast paced and often humorous book on the ordinary life in the everyday world.

About the book

My Lady was my first book. I soon discovered that a good story in the mind is quite different from a good story on pages. But finally, after several starts (I’m sure the first chapter was re-written at least ten times) I began to get the drift of putting actions into words. One of the fascinating things about this book is the character of Dexter DeLange. He was supposed to be a totally despicable character. Somehow, he managed to take over the story and become an almost likeable guy. However, that is a debatable point—-several readers have told me they just did not like him; others, like a sweet 80 year old friend, said she liked him immensely! And that is the joy of writing books—-everyone reacts to the characters and the stories in different ways.


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