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Goodbye, Belvidere: I Much Love You



Joanna’s eyes filled with sudden tears. “I always thought we’d have this place in our family for years.”

CJ commiserated with her. “Change, Joanna. Life keeps changing, whether we like it or not.” Future decisions loomed on the horizon, and the needle of doubt that had plagued CJ for years returned to haunt him once again. Soon, CJ reasoned to himself, he and Joanna would have to make some hard choices. He dreaded the day.

Join the Crezners and their friends and neighbors in the final book of the Goodbye, Belvidere trilogy. Walk with them through the ups and downs of rural life before and after the upheaval of WWI. You won’t want to miss CJ’s first attempt at driving the family car with his spurs on. Or, for that matter, his first auto trip in Pierre with lovely Deborah Lynn at the wheel!

Trains, planes, autos, and war change the fabric of life for this small community. Through it all, family and friends struggle together. But when rains quit, and the prairie becomes a desert, an exodus starts. Will Joanna and CJ be able to keep their family home?

About the book

The last book of the Belvidere trilogy took some unexpected turns and twists. It was a more somber story, with WWI, influenza epidemic, and the loss of several key characters. On the other hand, the Crezner twin daughters livened up the narrative, and had I not self-imposed a deadline to submit the book to the publisher, I might have meandered into more of their antics. In the middle of the stream, so to speak, real life threw a curve ball when Tate Publishing stumbled around with one delay after another. Finally—way past deadline—they went defunct and closed their doors. In spite of that, I much love you is available to my patient readers, and that makes me very happy!

Joyce Wheeler


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